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WWDC 2015 the Line Experience

WWDC 2015 has just finished and there were a lot of new experiences I got from the event, such as the keynote, the lunch sessions, the after parties, etc, but one among them is with no doubt the so called “Line” experience. For those who does not know what the Line is, its basically, arriving early to get the best seats you can for the keynote presentation.

At the beginning, I was hesitant do it, and I was always avoiding the topic with my friend and coworker Nader. But we reached a moment were we needed to decide if we should do the line or not. In order to make such decision, we stopped in the Moscone center at Sunday at 18:00. The first thing we saw was a bunch of unknown people already doing it (around 25, most of them very young guys).

At that moment we knew those guys were not playing, the worst thing its that we were not prepared to do such task. Then we meet Kevin (the CEO of https://en.neurs.com/ - check the website), we ten head to Target City (just next to the Moscone Center), in there we packed some beach chairs, water bottles, some monster beverages and blankets - yes, the night was going to be cold - and went back.

Even doing the line, I was completely thinking - “Im very old for this” - followed by - “I feel embarrassed doing this” - but I would not deny very deeply inside me I was still an Apple fanboy who was willing to commit and get the best seat possible.

Time was passing and unknown people became known people, like Jupiter - who is from Toronto and had the scholarship to attend the event, working on a watch kit app -, Douglas - very serious guy, working on an app to add parental control for kids -, several guys from Australia which I do not remember their names - I apologize for this -, Daniel Di from Italy - who gave me his business card as a pass in Passbook -, among other guys, but the one who really impressed me was Clint Wilde, who is just 18 years old and already has his app feature on the app store “Splash Canyons” on the game category, at that age I was doing something completely different, I could not resist and felt jealous about the fact.

Splash Canyons

Several people walking at the middle of the night started to: “Why are you doing this?” - one guy said - “What is this line for?” - other people in their cars were asking - We even got food for free, rumors are that the Apple was delivering the food to the people on the line, but im not sure about this.

Undoubtedly, something inside me was emerging, and that was the joy of pursuing what you want, following your plan, completing the idea you have, overcoming the obstacles your project might have. Something I lost years ago, I started surrender to first big obstacle my next billionaire idea had. I stopped researching deep enough to find a solution. I always say its not about the idea itself but the execution of it. I guess I need to follow such statement and just not reproduce it like a copy machine.

While these conversations were happening, the line was getting bigger, from 1 block length to 2, 3 & 4 blocks, by 05:00 I stopped putting attention to it. I saw community, people from the same country were creating their own group, people from Germany, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Argentina were the accents and languages I did recognize. Sadly, at that time, I did not see any group from Mexico (not until the Bash were I found Mexican people).

By 07:00 - 07:30, Moscone Center opened their gates and as you might imagine, this is were the game started, people ignored the line and started to walk or running. We then were directed to a new line making several stops to reach the 3rd floor, while this was happening, new people was in the first at the front, but I continued to see familiar faces. We wait and saw how the press had special treatment to reach the Presidio (An area inside Moscone where the Keynote is). I did not like this treatment, I felt like cattle, I felt disappointed, used and most importantly, I needed to go to the bathroom but I was unable to do it. Apple did not hesitate to start taking video and pictures, they wanted the best picture, capture the excitement, but we were tired, exhausted, we just wanted to get to the holy grail.

We finally reach the Presidio, even when we were told not to run, people did it, like if they were running for their lives, chased by zombies. People who we just met, changed behaviors like in a jungle, but instead of survive, we wanted the best seats. We did it, we got the seats in the middle column, 4th row. We were happy, we knew something was coming and we get what we wanted.

Javier Azuara